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Let’s play a little game…let’s pretend that George Bush is still in the White House. Let’s take a look at how the current Administration’s policies would appear if we just changed the names. I wonder how the mainstream media would play these stories – if it chose to cover them at all? Imagine the following blurbs appearing in the New York Times or Washington Post. Just think about it how we’re being played here…then, go back and fill in the correct party and names!

– “Bush’s Inaugural Address: Those who won’t change with us will feel the ground tremble beneath their feet”….dictatorship on the horizon?”

– “Bush moves census from the Commerce Department to the control of the White House; Karl Rove to provide oversight”

– “Bush gives first TV interview to Islamic television network”

– “Culture of Corruption: horde of Bush appointees involved in tax scandals – what’s next for this corrupt Administration?”

– “Karl Rove involved in scandal involving Illinois Governer’s attempt to sell the President’s Senate seat”

– “Bush uses scare tactics to pass his Stimulus Bill; doom and gloom ‘unprecedented crisis’ statements affect the stock markets around the globe, worsening the economic situation”

– “Bush passes largest spending bill in all of history, claims it will create jobs although it is loaded with astronomical amounts of Republican agenda spending. Much of the money will go to anti-abortion groups and will be used to stimulate a Born-Again Christian movement in the U.S. Stalwart Dems reject the bill on partisan lines after the CBO indicates that it is not likely to create jobs at the levels described”

– “Bush’s Corporate Welfare: favoring big business? Bush brings GE and heads of industry into ‘advisory’ roles to the Presidency…unconstitutional?”

– “Bush changes his tune: forecasts growth over the next 4 years at over twice with the leading economists predict – leads to increased spending”

– “New Bush Budget is an all-time record in irresponsible Republican spending! $3.6 trillion – with a $2 trillion deficit. Add to that his $410 billion Omnibus bill, $1.4 trillion housing bailout, with more to come. Our children’s children will never get out from under it; inflation will rise dramatically. What about the CHILDREN???”

– “Bush and the Republicans pad new budget with undefined spending for national healthcare and energy reform “down payments”. There is no program to spend the money, it is just to be ‘set aside’ for later use as taxes are to be increased during a Recession/Depression. Economists say this scheme has a good chance to bankrupt the United States”

– “Bush’s out-of-control spending will raise taxes across the board. ‘Cap-in-trade’ taxes, the equivalent of a carbon tax, will dramatically increase utility, food, gasoline and other costs for the consumer, although his campaign promise was to NOT raise taxes on those making under $250,000. “

– “War-Mongering? Bush sends another 17,000 troops to Afghanistan in a ‘surge’ that we know will not work! Endless war….endless quagmire of policy failures for the Bush administration”

– “Bush says he ‘inherited these problems’ such as the national debt and extreme Islamic terrorism from Clinton…blames Clinton for the current economic crisis, even though oversight of the nation’s mortgage lenders was under Republicans”

– “The Republican attempt to censor the liberal mainstream media was blocked by Congress today; will the issue return under another name?”

– “Bush begins releasing suspects in terror bombings with no further explanation”

– “The Dow Jones has dropped over 2,000 points since Bush was elected; an omen for the future?”

– “667,000 jobs lost last week under the failed economic policies of George Bush. Unemployment rising as Bush fails to change course”

– “Although already in control of Congress, George Bush and the Republicans continue campaigning, hoping to maintain power well after 2013”

I think this is enough to demonstrate that 1) the mainstream media are essentially a new office in this administration’s Exective Branch and that 2) if we ever wake up, we’ll realize that we are being spent and taxed out of existence by the Socialist party, and are on our way to the type of country we only read about from the middle part of the last century.